Why we need pets with fur Ball

Why we need pets with fur Ball

Get them out !

My mom used to nag me to let the cats and dogs out of the living room. To be honest nobody was allergic to any of my pets, so they where good to go in the first place :) Later on, I find out that my mom won't let the pets inside due to the fur they left around.

According to research from the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, infants are less likely to develop pet allergies or eczema when a dog is in the home. Infants raised in a home with cats are less likely to develop asthma, as well. (The only exception is if the child's mother has cat allergies.) - said a recent blog post from dignity Health.  What we need to reconsider from this is mostly we might misdiagnose our allergies before even we have them. So no need to worry about it before trying. Unless you have some scientific proven allergy of furs I highly recommend furry pets for your house.

     Why everyone need a pet with lots of fur.

1)  Emotional Stability 

Our emotional stability came from our surrounding. As when we are in our comfort zone we tend to be more relaxed. That is why we need to have this little companions to maintain our well being. It must be the most ridiculous thing to have a pet just for your mental health, however it is the act of giving love that really do the miracle here. Taking care of the this furry animals is more or like a keep in check action for me. I always reflect on my actions why patting them and stroking their thick hair; more like a living journal.  

2) Cuddling Partner 

Not to discriminate, unlike the light fur pets I would believe the furry ones to be the best candidate for a cuddling partner. I like all pets: cats, dogs, parrots you name it, however not every touch appears to be same. Fury animal are more squishy and more comfy when held .



If this two are not the obvious reason for you to have a Furry pets I don't know what else to say to you.  But the final verdict is all in your preference. I know it is so hard to maintain furry animals since they shed a lot of hair and need a grooming session once in every two weeks. However this is just a no bigie staff you can handle by having the right gadgets. 

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